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National UN Volunteer Field Monitor Catalino Benitez Jr. monitors the coconut lumber production in sawmill sites operated by a local cooperative. He serves with UNDP in the Philippines, assisting farmers affected b Typhoon Haiyan to regain their livelihoods and use the lumbar as shelter materials for reconstruction.

UNV Service Lines

Trip Breaker Wiring Diagram On Shunt Trip Breaker Wiring Diagram UN Volunteers enhance monitoring and evaluation capacity, support elections and large-scale events, and are a rapid response solution to global health emergencies. Consultations with UN and national partners led to the establishment of UNV Service Lines.

81Ee7551Ea7Ffd54Ef1B79B4B4118551Png UNV Service Lines embody a set of standardized assignments dedicated to provide services across multiple countries. They leverage existing UN Volunteer modalities and initiatives to formulate standard Descriptions of Assignments. A service line package can include mixed teams of international/national UN Volunteers, UN Youth Volunteers and UN Online Volunteers, identification of highly qualified candidates, common induction/training, joint resource mobilization efforts and integration into global, regional and multi-country programmes. UNV offers the following:

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